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Albert Town Community Association is a passionate, community-led group dedicated to Albert Town. Our mission is simple: listen, advocate, and take action to improve the lives of all residents. Since our establishment, the ATCA has led environmental projects, advocated for improvements to local facilities and liaised with local government — all aimed at making a positive impact on our community.

At ATCA, we spearhead volunteer-led initiatives that make a difference. From environmental projects like tree planting, pest management, and lagoon maintenance to voicing residents’ concerns with local authorities, we’re committed to preserving the natural splendour of Albert Town and ensuring our community’s well-being. We also work tirelessly to enhance our recreational facilities, make our neighbourhood even more enjoyable, and, of course, we love bringing our community together with fantastic events and get-togethers.

Latest Albert Town Community Association Projects

The work of ATCA has made a considerable impact on the way we live and enjoy Albert Town. Some of the Association’s past projects include lobbying QLDC and NZTA to construct a cycle path on the Albert Town bridge, as well as many of the walking and biking tracks now found throughout the neighbourhood. Albert Town Community Association’s work has led to the tennis courts and other facilities at McMurdo Park, the community surplus fruit and veg stall, the community orchard and the ongoing management of invasive weed species.

Gunn Road Bike Skills Park

Bike Wānaka and Albert Town Community Association joined together to upgrade this fantastic community facility located on Gunn Road. Popular with all levels of riders, it’s great to see this asset being used by young riders before they hit the more advanced trails.

Wānaka Backyard Trapping

The lagoon is a wildlife sanctuary, and in association with Wānaka Backyard Trapping, ATCA has twenty DOC 200 traps and four trapinators to eliminate predators such as stoats, rats, ferrets and hedgehogs from the lagoon reserve in order to protect the wildlife. We have recently installed another eighteen traps in the top lagoon. If you are interested in helping with the trapping programme, contact ATCA or look out for information on the noticeboards at the entranceways to the lagoon.

Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust

Albert Town Community Association has a close relationship with the Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust and together, we run regular native tree planting days during the year. The trees are grown from locally sourced seeds from their Wānaka-based nursery. Look out in the monthly newsletter for information on planting dates.

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