Albert Town Community Association is part of the Otago Civil Defence Emergency Management Group (Otago CDEM).

This group is a partnership between all local authorities in Otago and is responsible for developing and delivering emergency management activities across the region. ATCA works with QLDC in the delivery of civil defence emergency services in our district.

Civil Defence Centres and Emergency Response Groups in Wānaka

There are four civil defence centres in Wānaka and the outlying areas. For Albert Town residents, the closest Civil Defence Centre is the Albert Town Tavern, located at 20 Alison Avenue.

There is also a group of volunteers in Albert Town who will assist in the event of a civil emergency occurring in our area. This group is being formed and operates under the Civil Defence network undertaken by the QLDC.

What to do if there is an emergency

You should have an emergency plan ready so that you and your family are prepared should a major event occur. This includes a household emergency plan, an emergency kit and a plan for connecting with others in the community. The Otago CDEM has excellent resources on ways to prepare for an emergency.

If you have a neighbour who does not have access to the internet, they may need your help once to prepare for an emergency and during an emergency.

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