About Albert Town

Albert Town is situated alongside the Clutha and Cardrona Rivers, just a few minutes’ drive from central Wānaka. It offers plenty of options for recreation along the river banks, river trails and parks. A small retail precinct offers locals access to an incredible French patisserie, a friendly tavern and convenience stores. The quiet, well-maintained residential streets of Albert Town make it an appealing place to live for everyone from young families to retirees. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy Albert Town.

Clutha river

The Clutha River flows from Lake Wānaka and is where you’ll find locals cooling off for a swim or paddling downriver in inflatable boats or kayaks. For thrill-seekers, you can speed along the crystal-clear water with one of the jet boat operators.

Albert Town is known for its excellent fishing, arguably some of the finest freshwater fishing in New Zealand. The Clutha River is home to a variety of fish species, including brown and rainbow trout, making it a popular destination for anglers.

Walking tracks

With access to two rivers, Albert Town offers plenty of picturesque walking tracks to enjoy.  Whether you’re with your four-legged friend or your trusty pair of running trainers, there’s plenty to enjoy for all abilities.

Mt Iron

Mt Iron is one of Wānaka’s most popular short walks, offering stunning 360-degree panoramic views from the 240-metre summit. The track offers some steep sections, but once at the summit, it provides a magnificent vista of Lake Wānaka and is the perfect place to scan all of Albert Town below. You can start the hike from Old Racecourse Road. The hike to the summit and back takes around 1.5 hours. Mt Iron is lesser known, however, for its world-class outdoor climbing routes. Bring your buddy or join the local indoor climbing gym to meet like-minded locals.

Following QLDC’s recent purchase of 100 hectares of land around Mt Iron and Little Mt Iron, we hope to soon see increased recreational and walking opportunities around Mt Iron. ATCA is looking forward to providing input into the new recreational reserve and hearing what residents would like to see happen there.

Outlet Track

The Outlet Track is an easy walk that follows the crystal clear waters of the Clutha River from the Lake Wānaka outlet to Albert Town. The track is around 3 km each way and is enjoyed by bikers, walkers and anglers. Bikers are advised to exercise caution, give way to walkers, and consider using the Hikuwai Track above during busy times.

Lagoon Tracks

For a gentler stroll, you can head to either of Albert Town’s two picturesque lagoon wetland areas located within Riverside Park. The lower lagoon off Allison Avenue is a haven for waterbirds and is home to at least ten species of native birds, including the white-faced heron and the pukeko. The lagoons are crucial to the health of the Clutha River, and the monitoring and maintenance of these important ecosystems is something ATCA is particularly active in.

Biking Tracks

Albert Town is in the epicentre of some of Wānaka’s most incredible bike tracks. From gentle river rides to mountain bike skills parks, riders of all ages and abilities will find something to enjoy.

Hikuwai Loop

Hikuwai Loop is a 9km intermediate mountain bike track that loops through native manuka near the Clutha River. It consists of two tracks that can be done in a clockwise direction, starting from either the Outlet Track or Aubrey Road. The trail is considered moderate in most parts, with some technical sections and some wooden structures over fences and steep sections in other parts.

Gunn Rd Bike Park

The Gunn Rd Bike Park is a small network of kid-friendly pump tracks and flow lines in Albert Town. It has been recently upgraded and is suitable for riders of all ages, but is a particular favourite for young riders. The park is next to the Hikuwai Loop Track, providing additional riding options for those seeking to test their skills.

Hāwea River Track

The Hāwea River Track is an easy gravel track that follows the Hāwea River between Hāwea and the Albert Town swing bridge. With little elevation, it is suitable for most level of riders who don’t mind a long ride. Don’t miss the iconic Hāwea Wave along the way. The track is around 10 km each way.

Deans Bank

Deans Bank is an 11km intermediate mountain bike loop track starting from the Albert Town Campground. It offers a fast and flowing single-track experience with great banks, berms, and tight corners. The track is well-constructed, featuring switchback climbs and some fast downhill sections.

Upper Clutha

The Upper Clutha trail network offers an easy-going riding experience, starting from the Albert Town Bridge and spanning into Central Otago. You can ride for a couple of hours or even a couple of days, with the option to loop back toward town on the Newcastle trail. The trail is approximately 30km return and provides an opportunity for a leisurely ride as you enjoy the scenic beauty and swimming holes along the way.

Parks and Reserves

Dotted throughout Albert Town are a number of public parks and reserves. You’ll find netball and tennis courts, a playground, and public BBQs at McMurdo Park. There are also a number of scenic reserves along the Clutha River, including Templeton Reserve. The Riverside Park Community Facility is Albert Town’s community-owned swimming pool, gym, hot tub, clubhouse and green. Residents of Albert Town have the opportunity to join the facility for an annual membership fee and make use of the facilities.

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